Three beliefs are at the core of what we do and have done since 2012:

  • Technology will continue to increase in importance and influence as we move forward
  • Open Source is at the core of innovation and remains a gateway to participation and opportunity
  • Live events and in-person communication and dialogue will continue to increase in importance and have never been more vital

For more than 8 years we’ve followed these beliefs and created events and platforms that have hosted tens of thousands from all over the world.  Just a few include All Things Open, the largest open-source event on the U.S. east coast, the Open Source 101 series, the Open Source Research Triangle Park (RTP) meetup, the Open Source South Carolina meetup, OpenSourceJobs.com, OpenSourceScore. com, and many more.

And throughout it all, our focus on access, diversity, and inclusion and a commitment to helping others have remained steadfast.  We strongly believe you can do business differently and still be successful, which is why we worked hard to earn a Certified B Corp certification in 2018.



A number of really good people work hard to make what we do possible.  You might have seen them around at some point in the past, and if not, you most likely will in the future.