Meet Justin Alirkan, Data Science Student @ Lambda School

During the February 9 meetup featuring Jigyasa Grover of Twitter, we were joined by the type of person we love to see participating.

Justin Alirkan is a student currently enrolled in the data science program at Lambda School and he wanted to interview a current technology professional and ask a few questions. In short, he wanted to ask for career tips and/or general advice on how he can get started in technology and make a career of it.

While many technology professionals attended the virtual meetup along with Justin, we wanted to take the next step and let others know of the opportunity to communicate with Justin, hence this blog post.

If you have some time, we encourage you to ping Justin and answer a few questions and provide some guidance. Everyone needs a little help in the beginning, and helping (where possible) is always the right thing to do.

Here is information for Justin (we received his permission to share):

My name is Justin Alirkan. I'm a 26 year old living near New York City. I'm currently enrolled in the data science program at Lambda School with an interest in machine learning and deep learning. I'm working on projects in Python and learning Tensorflow right now. I'd like to interview someone in either of those fields and ask them about what steps they took to get there. I'd also like to learn about the work being done in the industry today and what kind of projects I should be working on in order to make myself a valuable asset. Zoom, email, slack, or any form of communication is fine with me!