Recording Now Live: How to Open Source an Internal Project

For years we’ve been saying that open sourcing an internal project can be extremely beneficial for not only organizations, but the individuals responsible for it as well.

But the challenge is always how to do it the right way. There are best practices, processes and guidelines to follow, and mistakes to avoid.

We were very proud to recently host Vicky Brasseur at an All Things Open meetup where she delivered a fantastic talk titled “How to Open Source an Internal Project”. In 45 minutes she outlined many of these best practices, processes and guidelines, and the talk was extremely well received by attendees from all over the world.

The recording is now available on our YouTube channel. We encourage everyone to check it out as soon as possible.

Speaker: Vicky (VM) Brasseur
Topic: How to open source an internal project

Your company is going to release an internal project as open source. Are you ready for your new responsibilities? You could just throw the code up on a forge (like GitHub, GitLab), but it’s unlikely to receive attention or provide much benefit to the company. Open sourcing an internal project requires a lot of thought & work.

Releasing a project as open source requires changes to the development/build/release workflow. This is not about the code per se; it’s about the processes & infrastructure that surround the code & that make the project successful.

This talk will introduce what you need to know & to expect before you release your internal project, including:

* Identifying company goals for the project
* Pre-release due diligence: licenses & code hygiene
* Community expectations & maintenance
* Processes which need to happen in the open
* Communication: internal & external

Vicky’s outstanding bookForge Your Future with Open Source