Round 5 Speakers

We are THRILLED to announce Round 5 speakers for ATO 2021.

As Round 1Round 2Round 3 and Round 4 will attest, this year’s speakers are an experienced group of superstars poised to deliver world-class programming and education.

Round 5 is a great addition and includes a number of people you might already know. Check them out below!

Chris Wright

CTO, Red Hat

John Mark Walker

Director, Open Source Program Office, Fannie Mae

David Grizzanti

Senior Principal Engineer, Comcast

Miki Rezentes

Senior Staff Engineer,

Tom Trowbridge

Co-founder, Fluence Labs

Nureen D’Souza

Open Source Program Leader, Capital One

Matt Farina

Software Architect, SUSE

Brian Platz

Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Fluree

Louise Poubel

Ignition Technical Lead, Open Robotics

Antti Karjalainen

CEO, co-founder, Robocorp

Sasha Rosenbaum

Sr. Manager, Red Hat

Maury Culpitt

Director of Sales Engineering, Sonatype

Keith Bergelt

CEO, Open Invention Network (OIN)

Steve Liang

Engineering Manager Data & ML, VMware

Matt Yonkovit

Head of Open Source Strategy, Percona

JJ Asghar

Developer Advocate, IBM

Marcel Hild

Engineering Manager, AI CoE, CTO Office, Red Hat

Barrett Chambers

Senior Solutions Engineer, Percona

Kelly Andrews

Senior Manager, Brand and Audience Insights, Red Hat