September 15 Meetup Summary

Last Wednesday, September 15, represented our first in-person event in 18 months. And quite honestly, we didn't know how it would go.

But good news - it went spectacularly well as 50-60+ consistently joined us in-person and virtually! We were and are beyond thrilled.

And most importantly, everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy the experience -whether they were in-person or remote, and the education. We saw smiling faces we haven't see in 18 months, literally, and the virtual "vibe" was fantastic and extremely positive.

Many, many thanks to everyone for attending! And we invite anyone that couldn't make it to watch the recording.

Arthur Stuart, an attendee of the September 15 meetup, gives his thoughts on the event. Like many others, it was his first in-person event in about a year-and-a-half.

An attendee of the September 15 meetup took a few minutes to let us know what she thought.


What: ATO September meetup
When: Wednesday, September 15
Where: Raleigh Convention Center and online
Speaker:Jean-Georges Perrin – Senior Enterprise Architect focusing on data innovation at The NPD Group and the author of Spark in Action, 2nd edition (Manning)
Sponsor: Camunda