Spacewalk 2020: Experience it again, or watch for the first time

The first-ever Spacewalk event was hosted on the evening of Tuesday, January 21 in downtown Durham, NC.  Nearly 200 attended in person at the Carolina Theater.

The evening featured three (3) segments of content:

  1. A preview of the upcoming year for All Things Open, including the announcement of a slightly new direction for as well as a couple of new platforms.
  2. Interviews with three (3) local underrepresented organizations – Women Who Code RTP, Women in Tech Allies, and Devs@RTP.
  3. Andy Hunt discussing the 20th-anniversary edition of his classic book The Pragmatic Programmer.

The night ended with Andy signing 50 copies of The Pragmatic Programmer that were made available to attendees courtesy of All Things Open.  Andy stated it was one of the largest and most successful book signings in his 35+ years in technology.  A good time was had by all.


Watch the entire program here (approximately 1 hour 35 minutes)

Watch Todd Lewis deliver an overview of All Things Open 2020 and discuss the new website (approximately 32 minutes)

Watch Andy Hunt discuss The Pragmatic Programmer (approximately 24 minutes)

Watch the Women in Tech interview (approximately 7.5 minutes)

Watch the Women Who Code RTP interview (approximately 3.5 minutes)

Watch the Devs@RTP interview (approximately 3 minutes)