Three (3) 2020 CFP Q&A Sessions Scheduled – Thursday, April 9

We’re thrilled to announce three (3) All Things Open 2020 CFP Q&A sessions have been scheduled.

The sessions, which have been extremely popular in past years, will take place Thursday, April 9 and will be one (1) hour in duration each.  They are designed for anyone considering submitting a talk to All Things Open 2020 and those with questions about the process or what the ATO team and review committees are looking for.

The schedule for Thursday, April 9:

Registration is required of anyone interested in joining.¬† In addition, each session will start with a 5 minute “CFP Best Practices” presentation delivered by the All Things Open team, which will serve as a starting point for questions and discussion.

Attendees are encouraged to pose questions during each session, and can do so via the Chat, Q&A and “Raise Your Hand” featured in Zoom. A panel of CFP experts will be available to answer questions.

Anyone with questions is asked to contact the All Things Open team directly at