Apache Spark 3 in 45 Minutes – Tuesday, July 28 12 pm ET

Our second meetup in July will feature a topic we're super excited about - Apache Spark.

Big data analytics/processing is increasingly important today and the Apache Spark framework/engine remains popular with organizations of all sizes, from small to enterprise level, as well as with major cloud vendors. This talk will look specifically at the newest version 3.0.

In addition to the talk and Q&A session, we'll give away 4 hard cover and signed copies of Jean-George's book, Spark in Action, 2nd edition.

The meetup is 100% FREE to attend thanks to sponsors Aiven.io, Mattermost and IBM, but registration is required. Details can be found below.

What: All Things Open July meetup #2
When: Tuesday, July 28
Where: Online/Virtual
Learn Info on Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/All-Things-Open-RTP-Meetup/events/271521869/

Speaker: Jean-Georges Perrin, Senior Solutions Architect, Advance Auto Parts

Bio: Jean-Georges Perrin "jgp” is a senior solutions architect working for Advance Auto Parts and the author of Spark in Action, 2nd edition (Manning). He is passionate about software engineering and all things data, small and big data. His latest endeavors bring to more and more data engineering, data governance, and, his favorite theme, the industrialization of data science. He is proud to have been the first in France to be recognized as an IBM Champion and to have been awarded the honor for his 12th consecutive year. Jean-Georges shares his more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry as a presenter and participant at conferences and through publishing articles in print and online media. His blog is visible at http://jgp.net. When he is not immersed in IT, which he loves, he enjoys exploring his adopted region of North Carolina with his kids.

Topic: Apache Spark 3 in 45 Minutes
Abstract: Apache Spark v3 is a new milestone for the Big Data framework. In this session, you will (re)discover what Spark is, learn about the new features in its third major version, and go through a complete end-to-end project.

I like to call Spark an Analytics Operating Systems. It is offering far more than just a framework or a library. I will explain why. Spark v3 is the latest major evolution. It was released mid-June 2020 and adds impressive new features. After looking at them from a high level, I will detail a few of my favorites.

Finally, as we all like code (well, at least I do), I will demonstrate a complete data & AI pipeline looking at Covid-19 data.

Key takeaways: Spark as an Analytics OS, Spark v3 highlights, building data/AI pipelines/models with Spark.

Audience: software engineers, data engineers, architects, data scientists.

Speaker: Jean-Georges Perrin, Senior Solutions Architect, Advance Auto Parts and noted author and speaker