Why Q1 Events Will be Virtual / Online Only


We made the very tough decision to transition all Q1 2022 events (January, February and March) to a virtual/online only format.

What was tough was not the safety aspect of it – that was easy. In short, COVID and the Omicron variant continue to spread quickly and impact a tremendous number of people in the U.S. (and worldwide). It was the right thing to do for our community and ethically, in our opinion.

What was tough is probably obvious…

After a successful All Things Open 2021 in October and a successful hybrid December 9 meetup in Columbia, SC, we were beyond excited to begin 2022 by seeing friends and our community face-to-face. After all, we feel there is no substitute for the quality of interaction face-to-face enables. In addition, we simply love seeing human beings at events, helping them in any way possible, and showing them the best possible time while they’re in our care.

Please know we are planing to resume in-person beginning in Q2 (April). We hope (beyond hope) COVID and Omicron will be flushed from the system in the first three months and we can start anew in spring.

We’d like to sincerely thank everyone for your continued support and patience over the past (nearly) two years. We know this has been a challenging time for everyone. There are days when what has transpired seems like a dream to be honest. It’s difficult to wrap your head around at times, but better days are indeed ahead.

– The ATO team